A versatile and experienced designer who strives to create responsible, empathetic and honest products and experiences.

Implementation of human centered design techniques enables me to truly understand problems and the people encountering them. I use this information to empathise and act as a gatekeeper  for the user throughout the design process, leading to better outcomes.

Working primarily as an Industrial Designer within consultancies I have been exposed to a wide range of industries. My natural curiosity paired with a passion to learn enabled me to quickly absorb relevant industry information in order to make informed decisions for these clients. Industrial Design projects are often undertaken with tight budgets and time-frames. Skills in storytelling and empathy enables me to manage stakeholders and create outcomes that are beneficial for users and viable for businesses within these constraints.

An unwavering passion for creating delightful and responsible experiences, coupled with a unique sensitivity to aesthetics has lead to me receiving multiple Design Awards such as the New Zealand Best Design Awards Gold Pin and a Core 77 Design Award.